BOOM – Broom!


Cleaning the little candlestick over the weekend did some good. It raised guilt that drove serious reflections on the need to clean the house.

Bingo a breakthrough! What if cleaning was treated like a workout. Could I get into the rhythm and learn to love it like Zumba?

Rather than going ballistic for the whole day the key will be to take it one hour at a time to music.

First things first though a new mop. Ours was dead so we got one of those new fangled things.

How fun this turned out to be. It was like playing with a giant water pistol. You fill it with cleaner and then you swivel around just squirting away. Wonder did the designers plan it this way.

Doesn’t help with dusting though. Yesterday fluff thick as a young duvet was removed from the shelf of our coffee table. Anyone got a playful way to make this chore a charm?

Blessing # 311 – A New Toy

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