BOOM – Behind the Backing


This afternoon I said to Krishna that I should have stayed in bed today. There was just one calamity after another.

The most significant was that both the front and back yard hoses were left out all winter and have now ceased to the tap. I broke the back yard one trying to get it off. So instead of power hosing all the patio and porch I had to scrub it.

While Krishna was trying to work a miracle on the hose with WD40 I thought I’d take down the screens on the back windows and clean that stupid bit between screen and window.


How I wish I’d left it alone. What a mess and what a huge job to clean up years of grime that had accumulated over years. Note please that it is now CLEAN!

Throughout all this I kept thinking of a post from my friend Jackie this morning. She asked how many of us remembered backing books at school. Oh yes for sure I do and what secrets that backing could hide.

One dear friend from school days, who won’t be named, gave innocent names to books that contained quite lurid subjects. If I recall correctly Lady Chatterly’s Lover was disguised as Kidnapped.

Just like the gunk between the screen and window today no teacher would ever have been the wiser to the content of that book unless someone removed the cover. No one ever did but we had some biology lessons in English class!

Makes you wonder just how many things are hiding beneath the surface!

Blessing # 337 – Undercover

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