BOOM – Brides & Brothers


There was nothing good on TV last night and only so many HGTV makeovers or My 600lb Life shows that a body can take.

So thinking of something fun and wholesome to watch the decision was taken to find a free on demand classic movie. We hit on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Must be at least forty years since I last saw it and Krishna never had. Well what a surprise it was.

Of course I remembered Howard Keel and all the singing and dancing, the men in their long johns and the remarkable matching of the multicolored shirts the brothers wore with the girls dresses!

What I completely forgot though was the part of the story where the Brides were forcibly taken from their homes against their will to live in an isolated cabin with seven men!

Of course all was well in the end. The girls fell in love with the boys and danced and married them! BUT those girls were kidnapped!

It may have been set in the Wild West but under no circumstances would we tolerate this plot today. Or would we?

Just makes you wonder how many classic family movies are out there that reinforce stereotyping. Can you think of any?

Blessing # 339 – Changing Views

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