BOOM – Brewdog!


Columbus is a fine city with great sports teams, entertainment, restaurants and parks.

The airport has good infrastructure and generally runs efficiently. There are connections to Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada as well as most major cities in the USA. What the city lacks though is any direct flight to Europe.

For years there has been talk of this coming and I’ve always dreamed Aer Lingus would step up and offer the must desired connection to Dublin.

So far no good!

Today though I thought I was dreaming when the morning news covered a direct flight to Edinburgh by of all things an airline run by a beer company.


Seems the BREWDOG company already ran a charter to London in the spring and this is a follow up to the initial success. How did I miss that?


A bit of research turned up that the flight is available to Brewdog “Equity Punks” aka investors for the sum of $1780 for return flight and five nights at the Brewdog HQ in Ellon Scotland to visit whisky distilleries.

A special brew will be served in the flight too along with Brewdog Blankets for a snooze when you’ve had a few!

So why is Columbus getting this special treatment. Seems our brewery district is the US HQ for Brewdog. 


Know what I’ll be serving with the hotdogs and burgers this summer. Might buy a share or two too! Next stop Bushmills?

Blessing # 340 – Charter Cheers

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