BOOM – Birdsong


The furball was awake at the first streak of dawn.

With his Cushing he is thirsty all the time. Now, with the beautiful warm weather finally here he is absolutely desperate for his breakfast bevy. He got a few ice cubes tossed in this morning as well.

Of course the consequence of the rapid intake is a rapid output so off he went to do the necessary.

The moon was really big and bright but it is so hard to get a good picture of it. Why is that?

Since it was cooler outside than in Dibs and I decided to toss the windows open and chill together he will his iced water and me with my coffee.

In the still of the morning we got to listen together to the birds chatter. They really did have a lot to say today.

Reminded me of the first time I ever heard a cuckoo. I was just four and had broken my wrist playing. I had to go to hospital a few times to get it checked on and on one of these trip with my Mom we heard the cuckoo.

We stopped to listen and Mom told me a sweet little rhyme that came back in my mind today just to let me know she hasn’t flown too far!

The cuckoo come in April 

She sings her song in May

She whistles her tune at the end of June

And then she flies away

Blessing # 342 – Early Call

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