BOOM – Bank Buster


Was super psyched up this morning as one of our favorite annual rummage sales was taking place.

So after Zumba and a quick trot with Dibley, Krishna and I hit the road convinced we were going to find many treasures.

The sale is so popular that it had been moved this year out of the Church halls to the county fair grounds. That gives you some idea of the scale of this event.

Along with hundreds of others we plodded through the field to the huge barn where the treasures were buried.

Everything was well organized and there was a lot to rummage through. Now absolutely convinced this was going to be a bank buster!

Well after a good hour and a half of searching all we’d found was a little dish no bigger than a mango!

Thanks to the find we’ve learned though that Senegal is a producer of fine China.

Must be fairly rare too as we can only find one other like it for sale online.

It has a number two marked on the bottom. What does that mean? Is it a second? Or part of a pair? Maybe one of you might be able to tell us some more about this.

Anyway it’s sweet and cute and may just get to stay here to be admired and cooed over for a while.

Blessing # 341 – Trinket Trove

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