BOOM – Binchy


The pool opened at 11:00 and by 11:45 I was all set for a good tanning session and possibly a dip.

Aaron and his girlfriend were joining me later but I couldn’t miss a moment.

In a yard sale a few weeks ago Krishna had found a book for me. A new Maeve Binchy. It is a compilation of some of her short stories that her husband and editors had published just recently.


Its a hard back so not ideal for sun loungers but heh it is a new publication so that’s not going to happen again!

Maeve was one of my all time favorite easy read authors and like many of her fans when she passed to the big library in the sky more than a few tears were shed.

Everything she wrote offered complete relaxation. No need to think too hard or ponder the depths of the universe. Just pure enjoyment and a bit of dreaming.

What better than a book of her short stories for the pool no need even to concentrate on where to snooze off.

So all set for an afternoon of Maeve and sun bathing I dug in.


Well the second story was not even finished when boom in rolled a thunder storm.

Everyone out of the water and undercover for thirty minutes. Just enough time to do a bit of banter and let the rain pass.

We have the all clear to take the plunge again but there’ll be no need for the aloe vera tonight!


Or maybe just a little bit!

Blessing # 347 – Base No Burn

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