BOOM – Boogie


This morning at Zumba there was a lovely group of teenage girls. They reminded me of disco days of the seventies when four friends and I would regularly go dancing at the weekend. The very last thing in the world I could ever envisage though is my Mum dancing disco!

How times have changed! Girls now work out to the latest hits with women old enough to be their moms or even like me their granny!

Better still the grannies do just as well as they do in keeping up the pace. Not claiming though that we could kick our legs quite as high as those youngsters this morning.

When we were kids our parents seemed so different from us. They wore grown up clothes, they had sensible flat shoes and they had funny hairstyles so unlike ours.

Now we all look alike from the back. The only clues to age are posture and maybe grey roots if you haven’t been to the hairdresser in a week or two.

Face forward given that dentistry has come such a long way our teeth may even look better today than they did when we were spring chickens. I know mine do!

Of course time tells it’s story in every face! That radiance fades even with all the magic potions we slap on each day. Wonder what the future will look like for today’s teenagers will they Zumba when their grannies too!

Blessing # 348 – Mixing it Up



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