BOOM – Beasts!


Having taken pride in my tactics to control them the beasts have returned to humble me once more.

Each bud of the Day Lilies that had grown like weeds was removed with such precision that you could believe it was done by a gardener.

They were just about to bloom too! As if to taunt me they left the stalk as if to say we only want the sweets you can keep your stupid salad.


All the mint and Irish Spring soap in the world is no deterrent to these rascals. They ate every bud from the mail box all the way to the front door.


While surveying the wreckage a few neighbors passed by. They were all suffering from the same overnight rampage. It must have been a Big Bucks wedding party or maybe a  celebration of that fawns birth.

One neighbor had captured the ring leader just before dawn today on security camera eating a hibiscus from a planter right on his front door step.

Another had lost every lily bud too and having tried ever solution known to man had given up the battle years ago.

Yet another fearing the next round of damage will be the hostas has applied enough liquid fence that she needs to keep her windows closed to keep the stink out.


We decided that the only thing to do is chill. The critters will come regardless. The only way around this is to stop planting anything other than plants they won’t touch.

Mint tea anyone?

Blessing # 364 – Community Challenge

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