BOOM – Better at Below


The week got off to a great start. The WordPress link with Facebook is fixed. Made me feel guilty as I’d pointed the finger at Aaron when it turned out to be a global Facebook issue. They didn’t explain the bug but I did say sorry.

When Aaron got back from work he went out with Dad to get new charger cables for the iPhones. Those things are about as robust as a stand of spaghetti.

Aaron has tried and tested an infinite number and reckons there is no difference between them. He buys them at a store called Five Below that he and his girlfriend frequent on a regular basis.

Today he got two cables but only realized when he was back home that he had grabbed one that was not for an iPhone. So a quick turnaround to make an exchange was needed. This time I went with him to discover the store he talks so much about.

It is really fun and very well organized just the sort of place teenagers would love. It’s filled with funny T-shirts, beach gear, things for phones and of course makeup, sports stuff and candy!

It has that brightness and sparkle that lifts the spirits, gives you a laugh and doesn’t do too much damage to the old Budget.


We did a bit of shopping for the upcoming event this weekend but cannot disclose what it is. We hesitated on a pink Buddha but decided we’d hold that for a religious occasion!

Blessing # 363 – Fixed

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