So soon we are back to B but only for today. What better subject for a summers day than the tale of the Belgium monks who are going to start brewing beer again after 220 years.

Its strong stuff that Belgium beer I remember drinking two bottles of it as a student working in Holland and the next thing I knew it was the next day!

A beer on a hot evening is hard to beat though.

When we lived in Connecticut our house was in a forest so it didn’t matter too much what the lawn looked like. I’d cut it on Friday afternoon when we got home from work while Krishna would do the heavy yard work. I absolutely loved to get completely covered in dirt and then stop and drink a Bud. By the time I’d finished a few more may have slipped down the gullet.

Beer may not be everyone’s poison but almost everyone has one brew they love. It might be their morning coffee or maybe a cup of tea.

Whatever the connotation the word BREW brings joy universally and puts a smile on almost every face.


Why don’t we brew wine? It’s just as sparkly!

Blessing # 367 – Liquid to Love

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