BOOM – C is for Catherine Cambridge


Downton Abbey the movie is set to come out this September and it would seem the King and Queen will make an appearance. Counting the days!

Who would ever have dreamed back in Downton times or even a few decades ago that our future Queen would be a woman born into a regular middle class family.

The Duchess of Cambridge certainly looks regal when she is all dressed up for state occasions but she is even more beautiful when she has on her jeans and sports boots.


Always smiling she now seems to be focusing her work on a few major issues including mental health and the importance of getting children outside to play.

Some recent coverage on the iconic British children’s program Blue Peter shows her talking directly to youngsters. She speaks to them in such and endearing way it’s almost as though she is talking to her own kids.


Many years ago when I was a kid watching this program Princess Anne went on safari with Valerie one of the presenters. For the time this was a real eye opener and we were glued to the TV to see their travels.

Seeing HRH with the children this week fishing for tadpoles and talking about “Froggies” really was  touching. The kindness and gentleness she shows is so genuine.


She behaves like a lovely Mom not just for her own future king but to everyone in the country.

Blessing # 368 – Fairytale Princess

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