BOOM – T is for Tropical


Today at the pool there was a young lady beside me who was slathering on the suntan lotion.

It was that delicious coconut smelling Hawaiian Tropic. What memories that smell evokes.

The first time I encountered it was July 1976 in Rimini Italy. I’d gone there for two weeks on a charter holiday with my bestie Carol. We met another girl there called Alison who quickly became another dear friend. Alison had this special lotion while Carol and I had the standard Ambre Solaire.

Carol being very fair had to stay out of the sun most of the day as she gets prickly heat and burns. Alison and I however were coating ourselves in oil to get as crispy as possible.

Those lovely smells of coconut and vanilla are now captured in scented candles along with other dreamy odors that take you to the tropics like mango and pineapple.


There are some other tanning memorabilia that didn’t smell quite so sweet. Who remembers the original instant tanning lotions? Man they were so stinky.

I remember so well when I was about fourteen thinking I’d give one a go over a weekend. Always ready to jump in with both feet and never one to stick to instructions I rubbed in a whole tube.


Trust me the resulting color closely resembled that of an orangutan. At school on Monday I was the laughing stock of the class even one of our strictest and most stern teachers cracked up laughing. Worst of all it look as though I’d use a ruler to apply it as it ran in a perfect straight line down my arm!

Times change but fortunately for now while tans fade memories still remain.

Blessing # 383 – Going Golden

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