BOOM – S is for Shelving

You know the saying « Putting the cart before the horse » well that’s just what I did yesterday.

Earlier in the month the owner of the Antique Mall had offered the option of upgrading to any of three bigger spaces on July first.

So after some hesitation yesterday Krishna and paid yet another visit to the Mall and decided we’d plunge for one of the spaces.

We also saw some nice shelving for sale by another dealer and decided we’d get that for the bigger space. So we bought that before confirming the big booths were still available.

YES! You got it they had all been snapped up. Well that’s good news because it means the mall is popular but now we have two big cases and only a little space.

All night I pondered the permutations of how we could fit these in. Something had to give but what would it be?

So this morning we all set of to move the shelves and squeeze them in. Thankfully Aaron is on night shift so we had a bit of muscle to help.

We wiggled and squiggled and tried one way and another. Finally with the help of the dealer beside we were able to squeeze those big boys in. Everyone is so helpful it really is a lovely community.

Talk about making it by the skin of your teeth well we did it!

The lads cleaned and set up the shelves and then at my request headed home so I could have fun arranging and rearranging each item my way.

It took a while but in the end all looked good and some recent new purchases found their place in the space. Hopefully they won’t stay too long.


I even had a visit from a few friends which was cool so too was my next stop. An hour in the water

Blessing # 382 – Cool Pool


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