BOOM – V is for Vegan


Today we had a lovely celebration at the pool. After a very misty start to Independence Day the sun came out in all its glory just in time for the party.

There were games for the kids and a big bouncy castle and of course there was food, food and more food.


All the usual fare you’d expect for the Fourth of July was offered. Beef burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, chicken tenders, brownies, cookies, salad and seasonal fresh fruit.

There were new vegan options too and these were delicious.

The black bean burger was spicy and juicy and Dad and I tucked into it with relish. Aaron hesitated because it was spicy! He didn’t hesitate on anything else!!!


The Black Bean Burger was top class it was grilled great and was true to its origin clearly BEANs not something pretending to be beef.

Just goes to show how things have changed. There are more and more people who are vegan or who eat vegan once or twice a week. The tipping point has been reached so now this means vegan dishes are widely available even at a good old American cook out!

Who knows what’s next Home Home on the Range maybe a dressing that isn’t called Ranch!

Blessing # 385 – Tasty Options

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