BOOM – W is for Work


After our afternoon fun at the pool yesterday we came home and had a nap.

We were preparing for the fireworks that were set to start at 10:00. More fun!

At 6:45 Aaron had no sooner fixed with his girlfriend that we’d pick her up at 8:30 than his phone rang.

It was the manager of the hotel where he works. The night shift lead had called off sick and they needed Aaron to come in.

What to do? She was in a difficult position so he said yes. He went and spent a few hours with his girlfriend and then came home and got ready for work.

Of course this is bitter sweet because he missed out on the fireworks but it’s good too that he has developed a good work ethic.

His Dad and I both think this is very important but we want to balance this by underlining that work isn’t everything.

It is quite a tight rope to walk.

How do you do this?


Earlier in the week I’d cut some wild flowers growing along the side of the road. They are truly beautiful. The colors just seem to be made for each other. They grew without any help from any person.

Makes you think of the message of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke.


What do you make of this?


I gotta think Jesus would be happy to see Aaron out for the count after his breakfast clothed in the blanket of a good nights work!

Blessing# 386 – Work & Play

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