Yesterday Aaron was on breakfast shift so he left home at 4:30. Twenty minutes later he called to say that just as he arrived at work smoke puffed out of his car engine and the steering went out. He just managed to get it into the parking lot.

Imagine if it had happened on the winding country road he takes to work in the pitch dark!

He could have been in a bad accident. Fortunately all we had to deal with was a broken down car!

He was even able to do his shift!

While he was working I called around but since it was Sunday all the repair shops including our usual trusted MIDAS was closed so we decided to leave the car at work and hold off on calling the AAA till Monday morning.

Ironically I’d  booked in for a regular service at MIDAS at eight this morning so went there first. They were fully booked today but said to get AAA to bring the car to them and they’d do their best to find out what is wrong with it.

Once my cars service was done we called AAA who were great. First they made sure we were safe and in no immediate danger. They then took our details and said they’d call us when the pick up truck was dispatched and once again when it was within a few minutes of the breakdown.

Aaron and I set off for the hotel and when we got there he introduced me to a lot of his colleagues. They are a very diverse group of people but one thing they have in common is that they all seem fond of Aaron.


Still with a time to kill we decided to do a little shopping at Aaron’s favorite Dollar Tree which is just beside the hotel. I must say that this was eye opening there are so many deals at this store. So we ended up getting quite a haul of goodies!


We probably would have bought a car full of things but we got our call from AAA the pick truck was five minutes away. The mechanic without more than two words got about his work and hooked the car Up. We explained we wanted to take it to our local MIDAS ten miles away. No issues or questions he followed us there.

That is where it remains. We fear the worst. The car is thirteen years old and we’ve resuscitated it twice already. All we can do now is hope the MIDAS touch works once again and that 13 will be lucky not just for some but for AA himself!

Blessing #390 – Time Out Together

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