The alphabet was a good challenge.

Thanks to yesterday’s AAA an idea came to give the second run through a twist and look for common use of  letters as brands or abbreviations.

This will for sure give the old neurons a very good workout.

Maybe you can join in by thinking of what other possibilities are out there and what came to your mind first for each letter.


For B the first thing I thought of of course was BB in the context of the global mega brand and social media empire Booming Blessings!

That’s a big fib! What came to mind was the ever helpful BB cream.

You guys out there may be scratching your head asking what it is. Ask the ladies near you and they will attest to this being a minor miracle.

It is a moisturizer that combines sun screen and foundation color. The cream is light and general smells divine and the abbreviation stands for what else but Beauty Balm.

Now the guys reading this may have thought of BB Guns those nasty little things that every twelve year old dreams of.

For  some in the UK BB will forever stand for the beloved Boys Brigade.

Young lovers may have hit on the urban dictionary definition of BB as text speak for bébé / baby.


Old lovers may have drifted back to the dance halls and the music of BB King.

Whatever you stumbled on remember one thing……… don’t worry BB happy!

Blessing #391 – Play on Words

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