We upped the ante on the Scottish Brekkie and started the day with the finest smoked fish we’d ever tasted. Aaron resisted the porridge but it too was exceptional.

Anyone planning a trip to the Highlands of Scotland should absolutely stop at the Culliss House. Call the owner Joan direct for best rates it is OUTSTANDING!


Our robust meal gave us all the courage warriors need to take on monsters so off to Loch Ness we went.


The museum is top class with great lessons in geology, geography, paleontology and marine biology.


We are believers and are convinced a family of plesiosaurs  are living in this real Jurassic Park!


After saluting Nessy we went north once more and west to Gairloch. The scenery is breathtaking.

Our little Guest house for the night is right by the harbor so there will be more brain food for dinner.


Scotland is stunning!

Blessing # 414 – Myth & Mountains

One Reply to “BOOM- OoO6”

  1. What a wonderful journey by road! G, thank you for posting select photos of the trip. I do hope Aaron is taking it all in, and will be able to tell me in more detail of his experience so his return. I never knew that the Scots have built a Museum at Loch Ness. God bless you and have a safe continuation of your tour.


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