BOOM – OoO 4


We both woke up very early after a great nights sleep and got on the road from York to Edinburgh before nine.

Just as Thursday saw record heat there is a good chance today will set a record for rain. It was WET and poured all the way from York to the border.

We passed Hadrians Wall but did not walk on it as we’d have been soaked.

As we reached the border though the rain stopped as we came to the holy island of Lindisfarne. We didn’t tour it just put our feet on it as we had to get to Scotland.

We were delayed at a railway crossing and are sure we saw the Queens train or something very special because it had a livery on it!

As we entered Scotland the rain stopped and we even had a peek of sunshine.

Edinburgh proved to be a big hit and it truly is a work out to walk the Royal Mile and climb the steps to the castle.

We saw where Kings were born and others crowned and we even saw the Scottish Crown Jewels along with about ten thousand other visitors.

We crossed the Firth of Forth and made it to our B&B in Perth. By then we were starving and had no energy to go out again to find a restaurant so we went to the local Co-Op and bought Haggis Pies along with an alarming amount of snacks.


No doubt we’ll walk it off tomorrow when we reach the highlands!

Blessing # 412 – Picnics

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