Heading south from Loch Lomond to Chester took us into the suburbs of Glasgow and past Gretna Green. We motored on through the Lake District and to the only spot where Aaron had any interest in stopping his favorite team Manchester City’s Football Stadium.

Aaron regularly watches premiere league back in the USA and knows all the players and form. I have no clue but was very impressed by the Ethiad Stadium

We are staying in Chester because it is an ideal spot from which to visit Liverpool and North Wales.

It’s also a place of great affection for me. It’s where I had my first every experience of life outside of Northern Ireland. That was forty seven years ago and to this day that school trip is still one of the most memorable I’ve ever had.

My bestie Lesley and I and two other girls shared a cabin on the boat to Liverpool and didn’t sleep all night. I have no recollection where we stayed the next night so must have been exhausted.

What stuck in the memory was the beautiful Tudor buildings and the city wall, the river and of course the zoo.

We also went to a Tudor House the name of which escapes me but I remember stopping in a village and my other bestie Sandra buying a bag of cherries. It was the very first time I’d ever tasted them! Tonight I’ll have a beer instead.

Blessing # 417 – Happy Returns

One Reply to “BOOM- OoO 9”

  1. To keep you company I will have the left-over cherries (which have kept well in the fridge and which I pitted, rather laboriously) with yoghurt, for dessert tonight. As to he beer, I can’t make up my mind. Maybe. I trust you found a good place to stay in Chester. Everyone at the ThMG meet asked about your trip and I mentioned that you two are heaving a great lifetime experience. Lively Ron (the one whose sentences have no full stops!) asked if I can see and talk to you. And of course. Good luck and good wishes from the ThMGers too,


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