BOOM- OoO 10


What a great experience visiting Liverpool. It has such energy and the waterfront is so vibrant and well restored.


Of course we went to the city to take the Magical Mystery Tour that covers all the Beatles history. We were so glad we didn’t try to find these places ourselves or we would have been totally lost.

Hearing the stories of how the Fab Four met and seeing the real places that were the inspiration for songs like Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields was very touching.

Ringo and George came from working class backgrounds whereas John and Paul were more middle class. They all loved skiffle music and it was ultimately thanks to this that they connected.

There is such a lot to see in this great city and we would love to have stayed longer to explore.

Once we’d heard a few songs in the Cavern Club we had to run. It was time to head to the seaside of North Wales and have some good fish and chips.

Blessing # 418 – City by the Seaside

One Reply to “BOOM- OoO 10”

  1. Have I ever told you that Liverpool was the first British City I put my feet on, coming off the Liner R.M.S.Cilicia, on the 3rd Of October 1963! I am glad you two got the chance to take the Magical Mystery Tour, and got to listen to some of the Beatles’ great. My mother loved the Beatles’ “I like to be, Under the Sea, In an Octopus’s garden, In the shade”. There was a message from British Airways – there is a chance for a go-slow on Aug. 5 & 6. I do hope all goes well for you. Love you both. K.A.


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