There can be no other meaning in our household for TT than Tibetan Terrier. So here is a longer than usual banter about the boyo as befits his importance within our life and home!


When our dear Labrador Darcy followed his brother Bingley to the big playground in the sky we decided we would get a smaller dog.

The Labradors were gentle giants but as they got older it was a challenge for us  getting them in and out of the car.

We were living close to Paris and were out one Saturday at a little fete when we saw an older lady with a shaggy little black dog. We asked her if he was good with kids and she said he was indeed and explained he was a TT.

We looked for a local breeder and found one not far away called Tom. When we called him he said his last litter had all been taken but one of his stud dogs had just met his mate and some little ones were expected in May.

Tom took the placement process very seriously as any good breeder does so we were well vetted and had to submit an application to adopt.


Tom had been to Nepal in the 1970s and had brought home Dibleys great great great grandpa Djouley. He literally saw Djouley in a window and knew he had to have him. Djouley went on to sire many champions.

Tom was so kind and said after several chats with us that he’d have first pick of the litter on the way and would keep that puppy for us.

Sure enough on May 11th 2008 the bold boy was born. Tom choose him specifically for us.

All pedigrees registered in 2008 had to have a name starting with D and we thought of all sorts. Eventually Krishna hit on Dibley because our puppy had a little white collar and a black coat just like the VICAR of Dibley in a TV series we all loved.


Of course that’s not his kennel name which is Deschan Dibley Karamain de Makalu. It suits him well because he bears a very close resemblance to his ancestors the champion Karamain above!

We went to Toms beautiful kennel on July 10, 2008 to bring the rascal home. The kennel is in a very old sheep farm and all around Buddhist prayer flags blow in the breeze. Everywhere you turn there is a TT waiting to love you.

This is so in keeping with the origin of the breed. These little men of Tibet as they are known are the guardians of the temple of the Buddhist monks. They are bearers of good fortune and the protectors of little Tibetan children while they sleep. They are not as their name suggests Terriers rather they are Herding Holy Dogs.

Dibley was so tiny when we brought him home that we all managed to trod on him many times.


He chewed everything from socks to carpets and pyjama legs even when they were on our guests.

His first trip was to Switzerland in August when he managed to squeeze under the gate and took himself off to Aaron’s friend Fabrice’s farm. We were shaking with worry but he was like the proverbial pig in muck.

Many more escapes took place. The critter could squeeze though the smallest hole.

We then took him on vacation to the Isle de Rey where he proceeded to dig holes in the hedge of the house we’d rented in another escape bid.


After about six months all of a sudden he calmed down and became very regal. Unlike the Labradors he had his own opinions on most things and held his head high like a king. He is so so smart and can talk too!

He travelled widely around France through the channel tunnel to England up to Scotland over to Ireland and finally across the ocean to the USA.

He has been in many states on vacation and has always been very well behaved when he’s a hotel guest.


His favorite things in the whole wide world are his big ball and a ride in the car.

He hates getting bathed and is terrified of thunder. He is a delight with children and welcomes other dogs who visit us but he is a terror when he sees other dogs approaching him if he’s on a leash as he is determined he is going to defend his family.

He always kept a tight control on his food intake, walked long distances, loved to play and party and was generally very fit and well.


Just shy of his eleventh birthday he was struck with Cushing Syndrome a very rare condition that caused his weight to soar.

Still a great companion our hearts break for him as he is now thirsty, hungry and lethargic and not himself at all. His medicine seems to work for a while each time the dose is increased but then wears off. He is now at the maximum dose for his size so if this doesn’t sort him we will have to take a different approach. Right now all we can do is love him all the more.

Lets hope for the best and for many more happy years ahead for this little man of the mountains Who means so much to us all.

TTs are smart, sassy, great with kids, loving and absolutely adorable characters!

Truly Terrific!

Blessing # 432 – The Furball

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