Today is the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock the rock festival that changed the world for at least a generation or two

Peace and love were all around us in the Swinging Sixties. Even if you were just a child at the time like me you’ll remember the long hair, the short skirts and of course the colorful clothes and the great music.


The Cold War was also in full swing so there were lots of spies and scandals and Secret Service too making everyone just a little edgy.


Exciting exploration was underway. We had Space Ships taking men to the moon yet Steam Ships were still plying the ocean. It was truly a time of polar extremes and transformation.


Today there are new Space Ships ready to launch with plans in place to take tourists into space.


If you had the $250000 to buy a ticket or your Secret Santa brought one would you go? Seems many have already signed up!

You’d really need to have an adventurous spirit to take that on. Give me flower power any day

Blessing # 431 – Being a Boomer

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