There are many uses of VV in medicine the only one that means much to me is Varicose Veins.

My Mother was a fit and healthy woman but everyone who knew her knew that she was plagued with VVs.


They caused her a lot of issues and pain and she tried everything to minimize them.


First up were elastic stockings. To say that these were ugly is an understatement. In the days before Spanks these were about two inches thick. Worse still they took an age to get on and off each day.

They helped some but since her job involved a lot of standing the VVs got Very Very bad so medical intervention was called for.

She had the veins in both legs stripped. By all accounts this was agony and she was sorry she had it done. It gave a few years of improvement but like the proverbial bad penny the VVs returned.

Next approach was some injections followed by a program of walking three miles a day. Whether it was the injections or the walking things did improve and the VVs never returned to such an extent as before.

What did arrive though were dreadful cramps in the middle of the night until she discovered a miracle. She took to drinking copious quantities of tonic water.

She wasn’t much of a drinker but she was mercilessly teased by her grocer and her neighbors that she must be out a fortune on gin!!!!!

It was only alas when she got really thin at the end of her life that she eventually beat the VVs and had lovely slim legs.


Having seen the horror my Mom went through I made sure to have my VVs sapped as soon as they popped out.

Thanks goodness for a fast and effective laser treatment for the condition that work like a dream.

Blessing # 434 – Medical Advances

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