It would be interesting to know what came to your mind for WW.

Was it the Worldwide Web, Weight Watchers, Wonder Woman or did you, like me, think  of World War?

Your first thought might give some clues on when you were born. All of us though, including us boomers have been fortunate never to have known a World War!


There was no need for Oprahs Weight Watchers in those days. Food was strictly rationed and you were lucky to get a treat at the holidays.


The diet was NOT low carb, it was high in fiber, full of seasonal veggies and whole grains, low in animal products and if epidemiologists are to be believed  had a positive impact on health. A nightmare for keto and gluten free fans though!

What has spared us from another World War? Some might say it’s the threat of a nuclear catastrophe.


On the way back to the USA one of the movies I watched was called Red Joan. It’s loosely based on the life of Britain’s most notorious woman spy  Melita Norwood.


In the movie Dame Judy Dench plays June  (Melita). The shy and retiring woman’s argument is that she divulged nuclear secrets to the enemy because she believed the only way to ensure peace was to even the field.

By giving the enemy what they needed to make their own atomic bomb she thought she spared future generations from the horrors of war.

Not sure her argument holds true if you factor in the Risk of egotistical dictators. Eighty years on since the start of WW II it’s still scary stuff.

Blessing #435 –  A Peace Worth Watching

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