Growing up in Northern Ireland meant that a trip to the seaside could happen anytime. The nearest seaside town to Belfast is Bangor just thirty minutes by car.

During the long summer nights it was quite normal to “take a wee run down to the shore”


One of the must haves was a Candy Floss. This was made fresh in a big old machine and it seemed like magic. From just a little bit of powdered sugar a gigantic mass of baby pink fluff appeared. It was a BIG treat and provided lots of fun for just a few pennies.


In Bangor this was sold at Barry’s Amusement Arcade. The building was a bit like a decrepit castle and whether it was the Ghost Train or the old slot machines it all was just a little bit spooky. This made the magic even more incredible.


In France the delicacy is known as Barbe à Papa. Would we have eaten it with such relish with the name Grandads Beard? Maybe it would have made no difference.

Today in the USA we find it as the dense compressed Cotton Candy in plastic bags and plastic tubs and it just doesn’t seem the same.

Give me the face covering, hair clinging wobbly beehive bounty on a wooden wand anytime!

Blessing # 451 – Sticky on a Stick

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