Today our nephew Krishna tagged me in a post. It was a BBC Radio 2 spot by the actor Stephen Fry.

Krishna and I have only met a few times yet the past year has brought us close because of Facebook and Bantering and shown just how many things we have in common. To name a few a love of science, literature and women’s rights.

In the link Stephen was speaking about the importance of language. He underlined it’s a gift we are all born with but not something we freely share.

Why not?

We’ll  according to Stephen it’s because so many of us are bogged down in details and perfectionism. We care more about spelling or grammar than communication.

His plea to us is let it rip. Use language to its utmost. Write! Make up stories, love the letter, tell tales, spin a yarn! Just please please don’t let language be wasted on perfecting the placement of dots and apostrophes.


It made me think of someone that Stephen portrayed early in his career the beloved Irish author Oscar Wilde. A man who was so gifted and so tragic. Who loved and lost and left a legacy for so many to enjoy. So very grateful he put his pen to paper and put on pink!

Blessing # 452 – Global Connections

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