This has been another day of challenge in the month of PINK. Just before 8:00 Aaron and I both left home. He for work and I for a meeting. It wasn’t ten minutes later that I got a call from Krishna to say Aaron had been in an accident.

So I turned around and headed in the direction of his work. Shortly afterwards I came across the Police who had closed the road.

I knew Aaron was OK but it was clear the accident was bad. When I got up close to it I was shaking like a leaf.

It wasn’t him. What had happened was he’d been diverted by this bad accident and got into a fender bender minor incident with a truck.

The man driving the truck and Aaron had exchanged details and all was OK except the axel of Aarons car was bent.

So we called the AAA to come get the car and tow it to a garage. Three hours later we were still sitting waiting!!!!

Fortunately there was lots of fruit in the car to munch on as that was meant to be my contribution to breakfast at our meeting today.

The AAA must have been coming from that recently discovered PINK exoplanet some 57 light years away that I’d thought of bantering about today!


My patience was wearing very thin and my face beetroot when they arrived. To make matters worse after fifteen days of no rain the heavens opened just as the tow truck pull into the parking lot where we’d taken refuge.



So off we go again!

Blessing  # 466 – Better Late Than Never

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