BOOM – Crinkle 4


Krishna and I have been out and about in Aarons new car. It’s a wee dream and so clean!

After dropping Aaron at school we took Scooby for the snip. He is already out of surgery and recovery and is ready to come home later today. All went well!


Since Scooby is having a snip I thought I’d have one myself so after doing Zumba and the weekly grocery shopping I dropped Krishna at home to put things away and took myself to the salon. A girl needs a treat now and then especially after the trauma of the past few weeks.

The hair had had no color over the summer lest it go green with chlorine so it was white. I hesitate sometimes if I should leave it that way but then I take the head staggers and decide if senior citizens like Oprah and Anna color why shouldn’t I.

I mess around with dye myself but it’s great to get it done professionally once in a while. All that TLC showered on you and all that crinkly tin foil too.


You really look like a trusted up old bird!


Who knows maybe I’ll even get slightly stewed later at our Zumba girls night out now that my personal Uber driver has a vehicle again!

Blessing # 471 – Makeovers


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