BOOM – Crinkle 3


After much reflection we took the decision to trade in Aarons car rather than repair it.


He was very much in love with his car. It was definitely a sporty looking model but far from reliable. We spent almost as much on repairs as on the original price.

So this time we, that is Krishna and I, decided we were going to take the advice of the dealer and invest in reliability over style. As you can imagine Aaron had other views and wanted a souped up Dodge. Since we were writing the check he got a Honda that had one very careful owner. It is pristine!


Next time he can choose what he wants because he’ll be paying!


My first car was an old Mini  hatchback. It was more like a van than a car. My Dad paid £200 for it in fall of 1978 and I thought I was the bees knees driving it.

Alas it didn’t last long! I piled six people into it and broke the subframe going over a speed breaker!

My Dad as you can imagine was not impressed because we weren’t exactly rolling in money but shortly thereafter he got me a little Mini Cooper also costing £200.


It had its own air conditioning a hole in the floor. That car was as reliable as clockwork and ran like a dream. It never once caused any problems. Only once did it stop in traffic when I let it run out of fuel!

Better yet we sold it for $200 too.

What stories that car could tell of parties and boyfriends of evening fish suppers by the seaside.

Fortunately it was like all crinkly friend it listened and watched but soon forgot!

Blessing # 470 – Vintage Vehicles


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