BOOM- Crinkle 6

John, my cousin Norma’s husband, commented on yesterday’s banter that there is nothing to beat a fish supper especially if it’s served with a can of Sprite or an Iron Brew. Fully agree on the food but will have a Diet Coke if you don’t mind!

Thus inspired what else to talk about today but Crinkly beverages to match our favorite take aways.


Iron Brew is a unique composition developed by none other than the Barr’s of Scotland. There must be some link there to the family tree! It is popular in Northern Ireland too and perhaps the North of England but outside the UK it is virtually unknown. It has a unique flavor slightly metallic and is definitely an acquired taste.

The first sparkling drink most Northern Irish Crinklies will have had is lemonade. We were big drinkers in our small household and had a crate with a dozen bottles delivered to the door each week. Can you imagine the calories that packed in! We distinguished between white and brown lemonade and our preference was the brown variety.


At Carols house we had Cream Soda which was a sweet vanilla like concoction. It wasn’t my favorite but I did enjoy the foaming Creamola they served.


With the arrival of teenage years we progressed to Coca Cola thinking it was the next thing to heaven until we discovered diets and sugar and the need to loose weight to get into those tight jeans.


Just around the time we started slimming the world was introduced to the magic of TAB a calorie free cola that tasted so weird. We drank it though until it’s much more palatable cousin Diet Coke hit the market. You can still get TAB here in the USA so there for sure are some Crinklies out there who must love it.


There are a few other fizzies worth an honorable mention. LILT with the Totally Tropical Taste that had everyone humming when it launched. Bet you’ll be humming that tune all day!!!!!

In India there is Thumbs Up the original cola of the nation and still competing strongly with the soft drink giants.


Last but not least in the USA the unique Dr Pepper which is absolutely horrendous to anyone who didn’t drink it from childhood.


What makes all these drinks so great with fast food? Their sweetness perhaps to accentuate the grease or the bubbles to cleanse the palate. Whatever it is they make a significant mark in our lives and we love them.

Name your favorite and share the reason why it’s Top of your Pops!

Blessing # 473 – Thirst Quenchers

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