BOOM – Crinkle 7

Do you subscribe to a newspaper or magazine that’s delivered directly to your door?

We don’t but our neighbors do they take the local Columbus Dispatch and the Wall Street Journal. They read them within a few hours and then pass them on to Krishna. He loves it!


Sometimes they get People Magazine which they also give to us and that makes me happy. So it was today that Krishna got his papers and I got my magazine for a good old Sunday afternoon read.

The last time we had a subscription was way back in the 1990s when we took Time Magazine. We bought the Sunday Times too but not a daily paper.


Back in the 1970s living with my parents it was a very different story. We got the Belfast Telegraph delivered by a real live paper boy every evening. My Mum got the People’s Friend each week from the newsagents and on Sunday we got a selection of papers local and national. These were broad sheets and my Dad read them from cover to cover.

Teenagers too had their own weekly a magazine called Jackie. If anything defined an era it was this. Filed with pop stars and gossip with fashion and make up and of course teenage agony aunt it was a must have and the source of much discussion the next day at school.

Around the age of sixteen Jackie seemed a little immature so some friends progressed to Cosmopolitan. This was too deep for me and had way too many ads so it was that Woman and Woman’s Own became a staple. To this day when I go to the UK I’ll buy these. Krishna fondly refers to them as my Masala or spice!

What they offer is variety. Some real life stories mixed with celebrity interviews and gossip. A little fashion and beauty for real women not supermodels and of course a few recipes, diet tips and just enough health and wellness to give you hope you can shape up.

They are very middle of the road and what they do is offer an hour or two of light diversion.

There is something so relaxing about flipping through colorful pages rather than scrolling down a screen. Best of all you can take them to the bathtub without risk of suffering major financial loss! Each article is no more than a five minute read just ideal for a quick peak in bed before lights out too.

How long will this last? Is paper destined for extinction or is its future bright. What will crinklies of tomorrow do? Just think of all the stress relieve they might miss!

Blessing # 474 – Comfort Covers

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