BOOM – Crinkle 13


Last night I was looking up a song on YouTube to send to a dear girlfriend who is in hospital. The song is by a British group called The Real Thing and is titled You To Me Are Everything.

It was a hit in the 1970s when crinklies were young and “innocent”. On one occasion while on summer vacation on the Isle of Man my friend and I, along with another dear pal, went to see the group in concert. We were wild!!!

It was a great evening that still stays in our minds to this day. Hot summer weather, lots of beer and even some dancing on the tables!


The thought of it always Makes Me Smile and so it was coincidental that in searching for the first song I came across another one of my very favorite of the era by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel called what else but MAKE ME SMILE.

If you fancy a little gig this weekend look up both these ditties and dance like a crazy crinkly.


Smiles cost nothing as this little poem shared by yet another friend earlier this week so clearly states. They mean so much though!

Sing too because no matter how you sound even if you are as bad as me on the vocals you’ll surely make someone smile. For better or for worse!!!!


Remember also that all those crinkles around the eyes and cheeks are the reward and the reminder of years of laughter and happiness spent with friends we love and cherish so much.

Blessing # 480 – Songs and Smiles

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