BOOM – Gifts 1


As we have crinkled till we’re crunchy the topic for the next few weeks will be GIFTS.

There are different ways to look at this. Gifts may be material, innate or spiritual. If you can think of others suggestions they are most welcome.


Madonna would be proud that to start with were hitting material! Specifically the worst gift ever!

Do you remember yours? Is there something that sticks out in your mind as a huge disappointment?

This may sound ungrateful and of course it is but it’s funny too!


At Christmas 1976 I’d been dating my then boyfriend for about six months. Truthfully I cannot recall what I got him as a gift. Probably aftershave or something equally cheap and cheerful.

Being the eternal optimist I was anticipating something similar like a bottle of scent or maybe a little piece of silver as Is just had my ears pierced!


Well sure enough on Christmas Eve along came the lad with a nicely wrapped little box of a promising size. He said he wanted to give me something thoughtful and personal. My eyes were like saucers!!!

Not for long though! When I opened it what did I find but an a little electric razor!! Horror of horrors and worse still the reaction of my mother!


What the **** is that for she yelled at me as soon as he was out of sight! You’re not starting to shave your legs my lady mark my words you’ll regret it! It was like I was about to embark on a career in the red light district!

Poor chap was doing his best to come up with something special and had paid good money for the gift too but it was such a disappointment I actually lied when people asked me what I got and told them I got bubble bath and body lotion.

Well that would sorta fits with the principle of getting a silky smoother you too!

Blessing # 482 – Expectations

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