BOOM – Gifts 2


Scooby is coming along by leaps and bounds. LOTS of leaps and bounds. Endless energy and happy as a clam racing round the house like a greyhound and high jumping onto sofas and tables!

He also has learned that calls of nature must be taken on the grass. He is great at holding on but he got us up at midnight to go for a pee.

Well of course he and Dad were soon snoring but not me. Took me a good hour to nod off again.


At 5:30 the phone rang. School was delayed by two hours because of thick fog. So unexpectedly the lost hour of sleep was recovered nicely.

The fog was still thick at seven when Scooby needed out again and stayed that way till close to ten.

It then moved off to reveal the most beautiful of fall days. Blue skies and mild temperatures.

After six weeks in the body shop the fog on my accident also lifted and my car was ready to bring home. It looks perfect and pristine.

Once the car was safely tucked into its usual place in the garage Scooby and I took advantage of the great day and walked for a long time.


The young man is getting used to fast moving objects including squirrels, birdies, bicycles and joggers and loves meeting all his doggie pals. He had a face to face today with two deer and neither seemed the least concerned by the other.

The local UPS driver stopped us to ask what breed Scooby is. He said he looked just like Benji the star of many a movie. Well a quick google proved he was spot on. Who knows maybe we have the curtain rising on a leading man! Regardless he’s a great goofy gift!

Blessing # 483 – Fog Lifting

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