BOOM – Gifts 9


The Democratic debate is taking place tonight. Usually it’s not something we’d watch but we will tonight. Why? Well because it’s happening just down the road at the beautiful Otterbein University.

Funny how proximity peaks interest. Our local TV is coving the run up with details on all the measures that had to be put in place for security and so on.


We know people who attended the University. We even could have applied for tickets to attend.

The whole area looks so well today with blue skies and the trees in their autumn glory it really is a showcase for Ohio.

The state is critically important in all elections. If you don’t win Ohio chances are you won’t get the White House.

So tonight we will tune in and watch with interest the gift of free speech.


Hard to imagine that this doesn’t exist everywhere in the world. Look though at what’s happened in just one hundred years. Votes for women not least among these things. Mass media to let us all hear what is being said and now social media to allow us to openly voice our thoughts and influence outcomes.

Blessing # 489 – Freedom if Speech

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