BOOM – Gifts 8


We have a really fancy family run store close to our home called The Hills Country Market. To survive in a world of supermarket chains and megastores family businesses have to be very special.


The Hills is certainly that, they have a fine florists, a divine deli and a bounty of baked goods to die for. As you know we shop at Aldi but we hit the Hills now and then to pick up whiskey for Krishna as they have an exceptional wine and liquor selection too!


Its rare that we go and just get whiskey. We always check out their wine selection which is extensive. They have what they call « close outs » at great prices and that’s what we home in on. We’ve never been disappointed.


Yesterday we made the whiskey run after church and hit on an 2014 Italian on close out for just $6.99. Of course it had to be opened and tasted last night and it is nectar.


With new health benefits regularly announced and being loaded with all those things that help mind, body and soul to function so well we need to invest in the best!


So we’ll be making a trip tomorrow to develop an out of stock situation. When you find a gift you gotta get!

Blessing # 488 – In Vino Veritas

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