BOOM- Gifts 11


Do you have any little clues that tell you how your day is going to go?

Mine is my porridge.

When Aaron leaves for school around 6:40 I stick my porridge in the microwave.

Now the reason I have good and bad days is because I don’t take time to measure things precisely. I go by eye on the water and milk and toss in my round about a third of a cup of oats.

The one thing that is constant is the bowl and the time in the microwave 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

In the time it’s cooking I pour my second coffee and turn on the TV and trip over Scooby once or twice.


When I open the microwave the quality of the day is determined.

If the porridge has boiled over it’s going to be a bad one! I brace myself and clean with furry.

If it’s all in the bowl but runny it’s going to be disappointing. Nothing exciting lies ahead.

If it’s like cement it could be tough.

BUT if like today it was just about to boil over when I opened the door and is all creamy and smooth you know the days a winner.


Why you might ask don’t you measure and make every day a perfect porridge?

Well, there’s no anticipation in that. What goods any gift if it’s not a surprise.

They don’t call me Goldilocks for nothing!!!!!!

Blessing # 491 – Taking the Rough with the Smooth

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