BOOM – Gifts 12


Aaron had the day off school so I got him to help me take a table to my little antique booth.

The garden bench I’d worked so hard on earlier this year still hadn’t sold so we were swapping the table and the bench so I could load the table with festive goods!

The move entailed jiggling items around and it was pêlemêle. While we were in the middle of this two ladies arrived. They were interested in my beautiful velvet chairs that I’d bought earlier in the year for my planned guest house that never materialized.

We stuck a deal and the chairs are no longer mine. It’s such a good feeling seeing something you have cared for going to a good home. They are very lucky red chairs!

Their sale has also opened up quite some room in my little space so I’ve crammed it full of gifts for the season.

There are angels dangling from every possible hook and not an inch to spare on shelves and tables. Now all that’s needed are a few more gift hunters to stop by.


If anyone has personal links to the big man in the red suit send him my way!

Blessing # 492 – Right Place Right Time

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