BOOM – Diet 1


Two years ago I went for my annual physical and the doctors scales weighed me in at 145lbs. That caused some extra frown lines to appear as it was 7lbs more than the scales at home! So I weighed myself at the gym and guess whose scale was right!


Out went the VERY old predigitals that must have suffered some serious defect and in came a fancy dancy new pair that measure not just body weight but body fat, lean body mass and bone (I’m guessing by difference).

You have to introduce all your vital statistics age, height, sex etc. Seeing me do this of course Aaron jumped in too and then of course so did Dad.

We (I) decided we were going to do a family check in each week and see all that fat fall far far away. We would muster the mighty muscle. Of course Dad has everything recorded down to the finest detail in a journal labeled Family Health so there is no escaping the truth!

As always with gritted teeth I took a serious lead in the path to eternal fitness. The pounds fell off all the way down to 130lbs this time last year when I had to do that house clearing in Ireland. People started asking was I feeling all right! Maybe I’d gone too far!

Aaron had his ups and downs depending on season and experiments and access to all you can eat buffets. Dad pursued as is his want the slow but steady path.

With the arrival of Dibley’s Cushing Syndrome and his reluctance to walk further than the nearest mailbox my daily steps dwindled and the weight crept upwards. Dad sickeningly continued downwards!


Six weeks ago when Scooby arrived Dad felt the need to include him in the weekly check in as he was skin and bone weighing only 25lbs. Dad was determined to make him mighty.


Thus began a period of ad libitum feeding for the newest member of the family and as you know what goes in must come out. He has been walked almost exclusively by me morning noon and night ever since. There is no end to his desire to roam.  My steps have skyrocketed! One walk alone is almost a days worth!

Secretly and smugly I was imagining that as Scooby gains I will loose. No way! Each week the boy has indeed put on a pound and Dad feels triumphant. But guess what? So too have I. Scooby is now a stellar 29.6lbs and I’m 139! Some gift that was!

Can’t be muscle or I’d have calves and thighs like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s fat and it’s floating all around the tummy.


All that fresh air does give you an appetite for a few baked goods and peanuts but the end has come the Diet has begun!


The salad has been purchased the cucumber chopped and the path downwards has been planned today. With five weeks to go till Thanksgiving I should be able to loose just about as much as I’ll put back on in a big bird belly buster!

Blessing # 495 – Checks and Balances

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