BOOM – Gifts 14


Right in the middle of our pretty little town of Powell there is a railroad crossing.

We live about two miles by foot from the center of the town or as the crow flies maybe just a mile.

The traffic through the town is always quite busy as it joins two arterial routes into Columbus.

So when the train is some distance off it begins to toots real hard and it toots for a really long time.

We can hear the 4:00 am passing somedays in the still of the night even with the bedroom windows closed.


This morning being Sunday we got to sleep late so it was close to seven when I took Scooby out for his ablutions.

The poor soul had just dropped his first dribble of pee on the grass when the train horn struck. It was synchronized to perfection and he gave me such a look of astonishment it was as much as I could do not to laugh out loud.

Made me think of Pavlov’s dog and if he’d ever potted trained his puppies with a bell too!


It also made me think of a much loved song I hadn’t played for years Paul Simons beautiful Train In The Distance. If you don’t know it do listen to it. Better still get the album it full of fabulous tracks. Here’s the lyrics for now.




It’s really a gift of great poetry and to think I’m sharing all this because of a puppy’s pee-pee!

Blessing # 494 – Greatest Hits

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