BOOM – Diet 3


There’s no better diet combo for me than steak and salad so that’s what it’s going to be tonight.

It’s so chewy and salty and satisfying! It’s one of those things like pizza and spaghetti that I could eat everyday. Pizza and spaghetti are lethal though once started impossible to stop.

As some fries will be made for the men a few may cross my path as well. They are the oven variety so not too bad!

Of course a little vino tinto will be needed to wash it all down. So by the time the count is done there may be little loss.


Do you use an app to looks at your energy balance? Years ago when my friend Patricia and I were doing studies on food intake in women one thing we found was that almost without fail as soon as people started to record what they ate the also started to reduce intake and shed a few pounds. Most likely the shock that did it!


I use an app called Fat Secret. It’s simple and it free to download. There are many functions available on the app but all I do is record intake and output.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to the  Ohio Reformatory for Women where of course phones are not allowed so all calculations will be mental.

One thing I know for sure is I’m not going to move a lot and I am going to eat plenty because one of our signs of love to our lady participants is to give them some good home cooking.

There’ll be no vino though so that’s a plus for Days 4,5,6 & 7 should just about compensate for no Zumba!

Let’s see what the scales say Monday. Adios till then pals!

Blessing # 497 – Like Mama Made

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