BOOM – Diet 4-8


We has a really good weekend at the Reformatory. Great teamwork with our Kairos graduates that we call our Angels in making this a once in a lifetime experience for our new participants.

As expected we ate huge amounts of delicious food so I stepped on the scale with trepidation this morning. Believe it or not I shed a pound since last week. Just goes to show that I did good before going inside or maybe cutting out the old alcohol while I was there did the trick.


The bold Scooby gained a pound so we are on the road to success. He’s nearly 30lbs. His Dad fed him well while I was away but he didn’t walk him the miles I do so no wonder he’s moving up. I gave him a bath just to check on the state of his musculature and he looks great. Don’t tell him but he also looks funny with his hair all fluffed up.

Speaking of fluffy things brings me to cupcakes. On the weekend we have lots of sweet treats: cookies, pies, ice cream that I can resist. Cupcakes that’s another story especially when they come with maple syrup frosting. This is pure unadulterated temptation. There’s something about that mix of sugar and cream cheese that is irresistible.


Think then what might happen if a little alcohol was mingled with that magic. Well that’s exactly what a ninety three year old man in New Jersey has done.


He was on TV this morning explaining that when he stopped work a few years ago he felt bored so decided to keep his mind and body active by baking. He’s come up with some great combinations like tequila sunrises and coffee caramel caluah. Funniest thing of all he doesn’t drink a drop!

Blessing # 498 – Heavenly Combinations


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