BOOM – Diet 16


This morning after Zumba I went quickly to our Tuesday Morning Group before heading to the dentist for the biannual cleaning.

Having brushed the choppers more thoroughly than usual as you do when you’re going to the dentist I vowed not to eat any treats at TMG. These are always abundant and tempting but today the boat had been pushed far out as birthdays were celebrated.

The offering that proved irresistible was a huge pumpkin pie. They are not high on my list of favorite things but this one looked really appealing. It was delicious. Seems it was a Costco special and  millions are sold by the wholesaler this time of year. Seriously you couldn’t baked one as good!

I confessed to the hygienist that I’d had a piece of pie on route to see her. She asked why I didn’t bring her a piece too. Sweetheart I love her. What a job she has and does!


So for lunch I redeemed myself with a bowl of spinach and cottage cheese only to be tempted again by Krishna baking buckets of brownies for a BBQ he and Aaron are going to tomorrow!


Scooby and I then took a little siesta and had a read at People only to hit yet more pie promotion. This one being from Philadelphia. It is, at least they claim, the original 1621 cheesecake recipe.


It looks so simple that I might have a go this Thanksgiving myself.


Cheesecake always makes me think of my friend Lorraine as it was at her home I first tasted one. It was the mid seventies and cheesecakes were all the rage. Very different from the Victoria sponge or chocolate cake your mom made and in my young mind the height of sophistication.


Lorraine is a great baker pity her talents never rubbed off on me. I’ve been known to make some horrendous things.  The one Aaron reminds me off regularly is a steamed pudding using a WWII recipe. It was truly like a piece of putty but has left a long lasting impression on my son! I’m sharing the recipe only so you know never to try it!


Should you, like me, be in need of something idiot proof either get yourself to Costco or try this Pavlova. It works every time provided you don’t get any egg yolk in your egg whites for the meringue. Even the tiniest bit spells disaster so start again.


Finally if you are at a loss to know what to do with the egg yolks try this crème brûlée.

Its not too hard at all. It delivers about your entire calorie requirement in one serving though so better not have it till you’re diets done!

Blessing # 506 – Sweet dreams

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