BOOM – Diet 15


We knew for sure we were doomed to fail when we hit the weigh in this morning. It’s like Monopoly. We have gone back to GO! Fortunately not to jail!

The Sunday evening buffet at Saffron Grill made no profits. We ate all of them.


Anything you can possibly imagine when it comes to Indian food is available a go go. This includes a Chaat bar where my dear husband could eat his favorites masala dosa, samosas and bhelpuri.


For the meat eating China man there was lots of tandoori not to mention lamb and goat and fish too. We all tasted everything, ate plenty of veggies, good fresh made naans and sweets too and we all enjoyed. That’s the main thing!

One person who did have great success with his weight goals was the fluff ball. He is the only one targeting upward movement and gained 2.5 lbs. No doubt due in part to tucking into trouble.

He has discovered the deer cross our back yard at dawn and dusk and now has a place where he can watch them. Wonder what he’s thinking? Play pal or dinner dish!

Blessing # 505 – Poised and Progressing

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