BOOM – Diet 18


Today I drove to Michigan to spend some time with my dear friend Tjin. We met when we worked together in China. Some years later we reunited to work together once more this time in France.

Tjin returned to China and then moved back to Europe before coming to the USA last year. Now we are just five hours apart.

The drive started out with fog and threatening snow but that was not as stressful as the rattle from yesterday that continued. After driving for about forty minutes I stopped and courageously poked around the AC vents. Nothing emerged and the rattle continued. Then it hit me like a mallet on the head! The passenger window! All it took was the tiniest push and the rattle snake noise was no more!


The day continued to improve and as I crossed the Michigan border as if by magic the sun came out and lovely snow flurries started.

Tjin lives in a suburb of Kalamazoo a place I’d  heard of but never visited. It’s a beautiful area and with a name like that you gotta think it’s a place of character.


Close by where she works is Battle Creek the home of Kelloggs. There’s Kelloggs colleges, Kellogg Airport and of course Kellogg Parks and Highways.

The whole business was built around DIETS! Thank you Kelloggs for helping me out today.

The two Kellogg brothers were great advocates for healthy eating. They were way ahead of their time. More than one hundred years ago they were advocating vegetarian diets for all sorts of conditions.


The famous flake was developed as something of an accident but went on in years to come to be a staple in the homes of millions.

Can’t imagine the world without them. Just imagine Aaron might have to eat porridge if those good old grains of corn hadn’t been squished and toasted to give « The Original & The Best »

Blessing # 508 – Amazing Maize

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