BOOM – Diet 19


My friend Tjin and I have spent a lot of time in the past two days talking about food. This is something of a hobby for those of us who work in the industry.

We got to reminiscing about our favorite culinary experiences during our time in China and talked so much about Schezwan dishes that we decided we had to have some. Our absolute favorite is pock marked mother’s tofu (Mapotofu). Not the most appealing name but the most delicious of all dishes and a dieters disaster!


So tonight we’re going to light up our taste buds with plenty of pepper of the chili and the Schezwan  variety. Might induce a little thermogenesis!

If you’ve never experience this type of pepper you’ve got to try it. Do so in very small quantities though at least to start with. It’s got this flora citrus like note and is wickedly spicy and it also has some magical component that numbs your mouth and makes you droll all at the same time!

Tjin and I have a particular fondness for it because we spent years working with it. We even put it into a beverage code names Cosmopolitan at one time way back in 2003!


Tjin knows all the Chinese hot spots in Kalamazoo so we’re ordering from the best. It a Hunan rather than Schezwan so might be even hotter! To balance out the all that spice were also dumping the diet for dumplings and a little greenery in the form of fried pea shoots.

If you cave in best to go the whole hog so we might just get a little crispy fried pork too!

Blessing # 509 – Take Away from Far Away

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