BOOM – 21 Sleeps


Santa is very busy working on all those toys for girls and boys. He’s also making appearances at tree lighting ceremonies, in malls, hotels, clubs and at garden centers every day and every where.

There are lots of beautiful photos of friends children and grandchildren meeting with the great man all over Facebook and Instagram.

That look of awe on the little faces is so beautiful. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to have those days back when we first met Santa even if just for a moment.

Thanks to my Moms great record keeping I can see my visits to Santa over the years. It’s so clear that while I got bigger Santa never changed. Just look at that beard!

Santa started making such visits to department stores way back in 1890 in the USA. Since then, and with the advances in supersonic travel he now can get all over the world so fast.


Being a super energetic sort Santa now also visits with our pets and his beard has gotten so much bigger and bushier than when I went to meet him.


He looked particularly well meeting HRH today. Maybe he is uses curling tongs to get that regal look. They must be really good ones. Just what I need! (Hint Hint Hint & Ho Ho Ho)

Blessing # 535 – Hope He Hears

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