BOOM – 22 Sleeps


Cities, towns and villages all over the world have switched on their Christmas lights. Many have markets with festive fare too!

At this dark and cold time of year in northern countries those lights really give a lift!

We’ve been fortunate to live close to some great cities Bern, New York, Paris and Shanghai that all have their unique Christmas charm. What if we combined the best of all of them!


In Bern its would have to be the arcades with their little white lights that are especially lovely if there has been snow.

In Paris of course what we remember most is the majestic Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower.

For New York it has to be the extravagant 5th Avenue and the best tree of all at the Rockefeller Center Tree.


The noise of Shanghai, the bling of the Bund and the street vendors make it unique.

Nothing though can beat the lights of London’s Regent Street, that view of Westminster and Harrods.

Oh and not to forget the old home town and the market around the beautiful Belfast city hall!

Where is you favorite spot?

Blessing # 534 – Best of Christmas

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